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11-12-2021 tot 18-12-2021 / Alarmschijf / Agent Zed ft HBz and Anna Grey – Aloha Hey

Written by on 11 december 2021

Agent Zed ft HBz and Anna Grey – Aloha Hey

Agent Zed ft HBz and Anna Grey - Aloha Hey



Agent Zed is a time traveler on a covert mission. He is half human, half alien and is part of the secret task force operating within the EDM/dance department at BMG. His special mission is to travel back in time to identify the most successful and popular hits of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, give them a good dusting off, and work with hot DJs and producers to take them back into the present-day charts with a fresh new sound. Agent Zed is an expert in the biggest hits of yesteryear, but also has an uncanny feel for modern melodies and danceable beats, turning them into exclusive remixes, edits, and brand-new versions. Agent Zed will be assisted by renowned pop and electronic artists from all over the world.


Current project:

On his first mission, Agent Zed is going way back to the 1990s, where he meets no less a figure than German music icon Achim Reichel. Agent Zed has always been a huge fan of the founder of the Rattles, who influenced German rock and pop music from the early eighties onward as a solo artist with megahits such as “Der Spieler,” “Kuddel Daddel Du,” and the top 5 smash “Aloha Heja He,” which became the ultimate summer hit in 1991. The original has still lost none of its fascination and recently turned into a viral TikTok hit in China with more than 100,000 versions posted by users, who are rowing on the water to the refrain of the shanty pop earworm.



Under the title “Aloha Hey,” Agent Zed presents his modern makeover of the cult hit on November 19, on which he is supported by the German DJ and producer duo HBz and the singer Anna Grey. HBz have not only made a name for themselves with their own productions, which have received millions of clicks, but also through their collaborations with mit VIZE x Tokio Hotel, Culcha Candela oder FiNCH. The north German singer-songwriter Anna Grey could be heard most recently as the voice of the house and EDM project VIZE, which has received countless gold and platinum awards for its collaborations with international dance greats such as Felix Jaehn, Alan Walker, Sam Feldt, TUJAMO, ICONA Pop, and many others. Together, HBz, Anna Grey, and Agent Zed have transformed “Aloha Hey” into a modern house track with danceable beats, organic instruments, English vocals, and of course the catchy earworm chorus.


The bottom line:

Having successfully accomplished his mission, it is safe to say that we will be hearing quite a lot about Agent Zed and his adventures in the future!



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